Lifeyco® B-Pure


Blood impurities are a major cause of skin diseases. Blood purification in Ayurveda is an imperative way to get rid of skin diseases.

True to its name, the Lifeyco B-Pure tablet purifies your blood to aid skin glow. The potent Ayurvedic herbs in the tablet namely Nirmali, Dhaniya, Pawad, Bakuchi and more promote skin healing and keep you healthy inside out! Natural products are effective only after regular use. Hence, we recommend incorporating B-Pure Tablet as a part of your daily routine to stay healthy inside out!



  1. The herbs help in fighting skin inflammation at a molecular level and also help preventing acne scars.
  2. These tablets are gentle on the stomach and come with no side effects.
  3. By improving your blood purification, these tablets nourish your skin from within andensure adequate nutrients.
  4. Formulated with natural ingredients, these tablets do not contain any artificial chemicals or preservatives. They are manufactured in GMP-certified facilities.


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