Lifeyco® Divasafe


Lifeyco Divasafe Tablet is specifically designed to cater to women’s health issues. It provides long-term relief from vaginal discharge. It is blended with natural Ayurvedic herbs like Ashwagandha, Majeeth, Ashok Chal, Shatavar, and 4 other herbs. All these herbs may also reduce internal bleeding and also improve a women’s immunity. Moreover, no harmful chemical or preservatives, hence, no side effects, only the goodness of pure Ayurvedic ingredients. 



  1. A robust blend of potent Ayurvedic herbs, Lifeyco Divasafe Capsules heals the internal swelling which is a main cause of water discharge in women. 
  2. It provides relief from burning sensation, itching, and soothes and heals private parts and also delivers a detaining effect between things and vaginal area. 
  3. These Capsules also boost vaginal health and reduce the weakness among women having vaginal infections and water discharge. 
  4. These Capsules contain no added sugar and are 100% natural formulation manufactured in GMP-certified facilities.


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