Lifeyco® Gainerex Power Tablet


Fuel yourself up with increased energy and stamina with Gainerex Tablets. A unique blend of 10+ Ayurvedic herbs, it is a herbal boon that stimulates muscle strength and also improves your gut health. To all the fitness enthusiasts who are looking to gain weight, this should be your go-to tablet as it increases your appetite and also helps in weight gain. What’s more? It does not have any side effects.

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  1. A combination of Shilajeet and Ashwagandha helps in increasing your stamina levels and endurance. These tablets also reduce your fatigue and increase energy levels. 
  2. Gainerex tablets also strengthen your muscles and help in better body flexibility.
  3. These tablets tend to increase your appetite and help you crave more. Hence, they help in weight gain.
  4. The tablets do not contain any added sugar or preservatives. They are 100% ayurvedic formulation.

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