Lifeyco® Joints Cure Oil


Lifeyco Joints cure Fast Pain Relief Oil – 50ml – Suitable for Back pain, Muscle Pain, Joint Pain, Knee pain
100% Natural formula- Suitable for sports & Gym related injuries

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No Pain, Only Relief!
Spending sleepless nights because of the chronic joint pain? Worry No more!
• Active Ingredients : Lahsun, Kali mirch, Loh Bhasam, Amba haldi, Nilgiri Oil, and etc.
• Herbal formulation for body pain: The herbs present in Lifeyco Joints cure oil minimize the risk of arthritis and other joint related problems; it helps in relieving pain associated with muscles & joints pain of neck, shoulder, back, wrist, hip, knee & ankle.
• Appreciated by fitness enthusiasts: The amazing blend of herbal oils is perfect solution for body pain, minor sports injury, Lifeyco Joints Cure oil gives relief from muscle stiffness, muscle soreness, or any sports injury after an intense workout.
• Fast & quick absorption: when applied, the oil spreads & absorb deep into the skin, and activates its ingredients to provide relief from pain with a calming effect.
• Recommended usage: apply twice a day for effective results. In the morning after bath and in the night before sleeping or as per directed by physician. Do not apply on wounds or damaged skin.
• Country of Origin: India


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