Lifeyco® Liverif


Keep your liver healthy with the power of 7+ Ayurvedic herbs in Lifeyco Liverif Tablet. Enriched with Ayurvedic herbs namely Baheda, Kasini, Saunth, and more, these liver care tablets improve your liver health and eliminate the free radicals in the body caused due to poor lifestyle. All the ingredients used in these capsules have antioxidant properties that address issues like fatty liver and may also help in preventing chronic liver diseases.



  1. The ayurvedic herbs present in these capsules aid long term liver health by balancing cholesterol levels in your body.
  2. These herbs also reduce liver toxicity.
  3. Rich in antioxidants, these herbs inhibit liver damage by reversing the alcohol-induced damage and fighting the free radicals.
  4. These tablets do not contain artificial colours or flavours. They are manufactured in GMP-certified facilities and lab-tested for purity.


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