Lifeyco® Slim Plus


Finding ways to get rid of those extra kilos? What if we said it’s easier than you imagine? Yes, just consume Lifeyco Slim Plus tablets regularly.

A unique blend of more than 10 herbs, these tablet enhance your body’s fat burning capacity. The ingredients present in these tablets are some of the most efficacious ayurvedic herbs for weight loss. These tablet also give you a metabolic boost, thereby helping you in weight management. Consume these tablet regularly to shed those extra kilos and stay as fit as ever!

For better results consume Lifeyco Laxicure Tablets with it.

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  1. The mixture of herbs in these tablet suppresses appetite and also helps in weight loss. 
  2. These herbs like amla, pippali, harar kali, and jeera aid fat burning and reduce feelings of hunger.
  3. Enriched with essential nutrients, these tablet also boost your metabolism and alleviate obesity.
  4. Blended with pure ayurvedic herbs, these tablet make you feel lighter and healthier after consistent usage. These tablet are made in GMP-certified facilities and are safe to use.


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